Career Counselling
Career moves are determined by several factors. Firstly there is an inherent need in each person to grow and seek lucrative offers. This also signifies the need to gain more recognition and improve self esteem. All job profiles require decorum and it is essential for a person to hone their skills continuously. This can be done by opportunity or also getting a new area to prove oneself.

The customary time of probation is a time given by the employer to let the employee gain a formidable position in his profile. This is a time to prove and adjust to the routine pre-set up. This is beneficial to self and very much essential for the growth of an organization.

And yet many times we find ourselves at crossroads in our career. They are been self seeking goals, values, hard work and waiting and yet we feel that the matter about career is confusing. Job hopping is another demerit or comes up from intense insecurity. With fluctuating job market, the skills present in an individual need to be further enhanced.

At SITM, our counsellor is a person who has the psychological understanding of the environment you are functioning and the current job market. He or she gives you an impartial view point of the things that need to be worked out. This is important as the counsellor may evaluate your current positive findings and also suggests areas for improvement. Going to a counsellor is almost like a remedy to the current situation, though the individual has to work out a feasible solution. The counsellor hyphenates the doubts and solutions and the final result is a confident 'You'. It is important to maintain a diary or schedule your meeting with the career counsellor in such a way that there are no other matters in your mind while a session is going on. Ensure a pragmatic approach to display your concerns with a career counsellor.

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